Saturday, October 23, 2010

HomeMade Toddler Box Barbecue Grills

I had some boxes laying around and  a dish drying rack. So, I took the dish rack apart and shazam, I made two Barbecue Grills. I found a table cloth on clearance with circles on it. I cut to strips and stuffed them and they look like briquettes for fun. I held the top on with yarn and I cut two burners out of cardboard and they turned out so adorable. The children really

like using these in the kitchen and in the tent camping areas. I found the playfood at the Dollar Store and the camping items on clearance and the Dollar Store. The buttons to turn the grill on are lids from baby food jars. Leave me a message so we will keep sharing our CREATIVE SIDE from our Daycare Center. All pictures are copyrighted but feel free to link back to our blog.

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