Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was wanting to offer something that I made from things around the house to invite my creative side that wants to come out 24/7. And this is what I cam up with. This is my Sensory House. Children can
go inside the sensory house and feel textures, here things rattle, touch what they want to interact with and there is no wrong or right way to use each interactive object, stimulating around their interests. All inspired from these two pieces of wood that was going to be a peekaboo house.
I build this around a drawer from a dresser that was just setting against a wall in the garage for 20 years. This makes it more one on one and more personal and invites climbing to build large muscles skills.

I painted it with indoor outoor white pain that we had left over from the construction from my Daycare Center. So, I don't have a dime in this project. The wood was in the garage.
I painted it several times after sanding it and added my own manipulatives. It has a sensory hand changing board in it which changes colors when a hand or foot is placed on it. A magnetic board, beads, jingle bells, wooden knobs that turn from the peekaboo holes. The quilt I found in the garage and laundered. A place where children spend a lot of their time shaking, rattling, touching, investigating and having fun with their senses.

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