Monday, October 25, 2010

Textured Sensory Fossils Art Display for Toddlers

After visiting some of my favorite blogs yesterday, I seen one on making a textured art print. And this is my interpetation since I couldn't run to the store to get texture medium or anything. This was the ending product, but I show a tutorial of what steps that I went through.

The recipe is at the bottom of this page. I chose to add these beans to my mixture.
 I experiminted with two different textures. The one on this page is the the left. The one on the right, I added  a half a cup of elmers glue, too. Its a totally different texture. I can not imprint on the right but on the left with no problem. The glue recipe, is really stickey. Takes forever to dry.
 Here is the one on the right after I textured it with a ring that had a flower on it, looks very much like a pizzelle italian cookie, buttons, a lego, shell, etc....
Makes such adorable imprints.
 Here it is again.
Here it is again.

 I started painting the shapes of each specific texture certain colors and finished it up with a light purple paint.
And walah. Here is my finished product

1 comment:

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Oh this look like a lot of fun! I will file this idea away for when my baby is a bit bigger! Right now everything goes in her mouth!

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