Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toddler Sensory Texture Balls and Orbs

This week we made TODDLER SENSORY TEXTURE BALLS AND ORBS. This was so fun! The children went through the fabric we have and picked each texture out and I hot glued the strips on and it is a delightfully fun experience for all of us.

           At first I sent someone to Walmart to get some craft balls for me and they were the green ones for plants and when you hot glue them, the fabric doesnt stick to it. So, I had to hold the material in place go all around the ball, then hot glue the material together and it worked that way. Each green flower ball was 3.00 a piece. So, I decied to get a balloon and blow it up and string to it applying glue. That was fun. Then I found the white styrofoam balls at Walmart in the craft department and they have all sizes and the small ones are fun to do. I believe it was 6 of them in the package for around 4.00 or so. Best price. My favorite one is the FUZZY GREY ONE, THAT WAS my first one. The fullness in the yarn makes it so pretty. The RED one is EGG CARTONS CUT IN SHAPES AND GLUED ON. It was a really sensory experience with a lot of glue but the texture is like no other. The balloon with the aqua color is the brightest odd shaped one that is pretty. I started one with tacks but again, in the green balls, they don't stick well, so I spray painted it to see if I would like it. Waiting for more tacks to finish that one. This is a fun project to undergo. If you like, leave us a comment so we keep sharing out CREATIVE SIDE. All photos are copyrighted but feel free to link back to our blog. Have fun!

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