Saturday, November 27, 2010

From Boxes to HUGE PLAYHOUSE tutorial in pics

I kept looking at these boxes and wondering what I should do with them. You can imagine how often I get them working at my Daycare Center. So, with a good supply on hand, I start gathering them and compairing sizes. I open up the ends and tape away. And a small playhouse kept coming to mind. But for it to be sturdy, I taped two of them together.

I just got material from Walmart for .87 a yard and I got 10 yards which was every bit on the bolt. So, I get my hot glue gun out and its no easy task hot gluing  material to all these boxes. But how exciting as it is taking place and emerging into this imagination playhouse for the children.

 This actually took many hours to do but the children will like it a lot. I decided to make a round entrance into the playhouse. To secure it I used a lot of tape to make it sturdy, wrapping it around and around the playhouse.

 Got it all done! I decided it needs some peep holes so I felted two cans and placed the cans upto where I wanted the holes to be and traced the circle on the materialed boxes. Scissors were hard, I recommend a small knife to cut the holes out. Hot glue the material back. Hot glue around the hole where the can will be placed for the peek hole. Put the can in. AWESOME!  I made 2 peep holes.
 And here is the finised cardboard boxes to HUGE PLAYHOUSE. It stands over 4 feet tall. I can't wait to see the children's faces when they come in Monday morning. And I also got more material to change the sides out as the seasons and holidays change. What do you think? What a fun imagination place.............

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Katherine said...

This looks really fun!

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