Sunday, November 14, 2010


I made these material covered texture blocks. I used the brightest colors, bumpiest textures and even added yarn to some of them to build the textures up even more. The red ones are cut from a dollar store mat that dries dishes. They feel so awesome and I am going to introduce these to the children this week. The blocks are empty round salt containers, fruit snack boxes cut in half and taped for double support, formula cans and cereal boxes. I stuffed each one of the boxes with paper to add sturdiness. I added chopped up cardboard to the rounds and strips of milk jug containers to add to a shaking noise. I like working with fleece the best. I super glued each piece of material to the sides and they trimmed nice and easily.

I really enjoyed making these and plan to make more this week. All different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of small sized hands. Each child will soon have their favorites. The texture patterns build eye strength and detail recall for memory skills. Enjoy. This is a MY CREATIVE SIDE ORIGINAL. Leave me some words to keep us sharing OUR CREATIVE SIDE ideas. All photos are copyrighted by MY CREATIVE SIDE. If you make a set let me know how it turns out.

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