Saturday, November 20, 2010

MINI kitten play container houses (boxes and lids recycled)

I created these Mini KITTEN and OWL play container houses to because this little kitten kept looking at me at the store and wanted to come home with me. lol. So, for a dollar, I grabbed her and decided to make her some cute recycled houses for our imagination areas at our daycare center. The children also figured out that the owls needed a friend and here we are. The containers are boxes, mayonaise jar lids and fruit cans. I am showing the process I used. By now you can guess that I like to work with fleece and flannel. The lid however has a circle cut from a beautiful material scrap. It was made to go in the bottom.

I cut a box in half. Cut the sides down to form a lip so the kitten and owl would feel secure. lol.

 Before I taped the sides down to the bottom of the box, I re-inforced with another piece of cardboard all around the sides and inside as well. Cutting each piece to custom fit. Then taped the sides down.

 I hot glued fleece to the outside and worked my way inside. Glue and fold, Glue and fold. Smoothing the fleece out.

 Since I used a lot of glue when making these containers, they should last a long time. And here is the finished product. How cute is that? Children loved these.
Leave us a comment if you like this activity. See my blog for my other CREATIVE IDEAS.

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