Thursday, December 30, 2010

My HomeMade Permanence Box (recycled jeans project #4)

My HomeMade Permanence Box

Montessori Inspired

Infants and Toddlers will develop an understanding that the object goes in and comes out the other side focusing on the continuation that objects continue through. For example, when their mom and dad leave for work, they will understand that they will return for them in time.

I made this activity to build muscle skills, eye hand coordination, attention spans, concentration, to build around the children's interests. It is made of felt, a can, box and recycled jeans. The colorful snowballs are put through the top and pulled out the front in the pull slot. This is sure to be a favorite choice in our Montessori Trays next week.

If I have inspired you from my CREATIVE MONTESSORI activities, please leave me a comment or follow me for more.

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