Sunday, December 19, 2010


 I wanted to share my "BOX TO TODDLER INTERACTIVE CENTER" that I made from a taget box that came to my house with a small christmas present in it. Imagine my delight when I seen how big the box was and imagined what I could do with it. LOL   I can always use a large box. Here this time I added:
1.) Jar lids of metal from baby food jars for spinning. I added stickers inside so when toddlers spin them, they are different each time. I added wood on the inside attached opposite side of each lid. Then they can spin on both sides. I also added three tuna cans, a magnetic board and a mailbox window I had left over from a kitchen and a box on the other side to hold their frosty baby. I added a wooden frankenstein picture I got on clearance and a mirror from the bird section at walmart I hot glued really good. Just the perfect size. I will add our new magnets and a nice interactive climb in center for my toddlers. The blocks I have had for years so I have no cost in it but .50 for mr frankenstein.

If you like my ideas leave me a comment or follow me for more creative montessori manipulatives and centers. Merry Christmas!

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