Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crinkly Sensory Books (recycled crunchy bags)


I made these crinkly sensory books out of different materials like felt, twill, flannel choosing different eye stimulating material that I have collected over the years. I cut a round circle from a small foam plate and cute circles rounds from each of the material making sure I have several of each kind to form double rounds of material. I recycled used plastic inside the two pieces of material by hot gluing the plastic inside and then I used hot glue to keep them together. Sun chips, cookie bags, cereal bags and fruit snacks bags make the best crinkly sounds when children touch them in the books. I also saved my Halloween candy bar wrappers to add different sounds. I seen this see through material at Walmart that added another feeling texture to the touch but kept the picture fine because it was see through like a hard lace material. Then I found these extra large buttons in the button isle at Walmart and attached one to each book to hold them together. I strung several times to make sure they hold well. The children like these a lot.

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1 comment:

Sherry said...

I love your idea you are so creative. I have two sensory seeking boys.. I am going to be using several of your ideas!! I am sure I will post on my blog when I do would like to add your link so you get credit if you don't mind. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I am still getting use to all of this!! I have lots of friends with children who need more sensory input will be sending them your way!!

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