Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interactive Movable Surprise bottles Center (recycled box and bottles)


I made this center from recycled pizza box, paper towel round cardboard tubes and  recycled washed medicine bottles. The children can take the bottles and move them to the center (which is a recycled q-tip box) or put them in any of the holes they desire. The end result is different on their choosing. On the bottom of the bottles I have hot glued puppy shapes to teach colors and inside each bottle is a small suprise so they can shake them and expore what is going on when their shaken, different noises and things move.

The cost of making this item: FREE. I had all items on hand. How great is that?

If my ideas have inspired you feel free to leave me a comment or follow me for more creative ideas.

1 comment:

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Hi! It seems like my comment here was deleted - I'm surprised. I'm just wondering what, in particular, makes these manipulatives "montessori" in their orientation. They are all cool and fun and brightly coloured, but it was my understanding that Montessori uses a range of fairly rigidly defined materials and that the procedure for introducing the materials was as important as the materials themselves. Please don't get me wrong; these are ALL cool activities, some of which have inspired me! But with the bright colours, stickets, etc., they don't seem as "Montessori" as others I've seen elsewhere. I'm still learning about Montessori and other learning styles and would like to understand this, not just have my comment deleted.

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