Friday, December 31, 2010


Learning Mat (INSIDE OR OUTSIDE) easy to make

Weve been working on things found inside and outside so I made this learning mat out of construction paper. I labeled the top and split it into two catergories. I cut this one down to fit into a binders. Here is what they look like, this is my creative curriculum binder.

I keep them in the binders so they are done and I just pull them as we use those skills.

Leave me a comment if you like my ideas or follow me for more of my creative ideas.


Anonymous said...

I love the ideas her for you binder. Can you give me a list of more great ideas in this binder besides the ones shown here. Thanks so much!

Meggie said...

I am starting to get obsessed with your blog- I run a Memory Care unit in a retirement facility and will begin to use a lot of your ideas posted here for our new Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) initiative! Great stuff! Thanks!

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