Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nature from Walmart 4 $1.00 (Nature Sorting Trays Montessori)


I have been keeping an eye on Walmart Craft Section for Clearance items when I came across all their NATURE ITEMS from BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS on CLEARANCE. Each package comes in a see through container with a pretty ribbon wrapped around the package. A $1.00 is what each one is on clearance. I believe they were 8.00 a package before.

So, I am loading up my cart at the store, so excited and counting how many nature pieces I will get in each container. I just can't believe my find. I  PURCHASED 10 containers and am able to make tons of MONTESSORI EXPLORATION AREAS AT MY DAYCARE CENTER. I get pumpkins, brown leaves, green leaves, pumpkins, huge sunflowers, pinecones, pears, red flowers and many other dried fruits.

The baskets I purchased from Walmart clearance section for 3.00 a piece from 8.00 or 10.00. So, I added several smaller multi colored baggets for 2 for 1.00 from the dollar store and I am set. THIS WILL HELP THE CHILDREN TRANSITION CLEARLY FROM SEASON TO SEASON.


1.) Count them
2.) Sort them
3.) Feel them
4.) Shake them
5.) Dance with them
6.) Hide them
7.) Eye spy them
8.) Share them
9.) Kitchen play them

The ideas are endless and they are very durable. If you find some, you will have a great resource for your daycare or children as well.

Leave a comment or follow us for more creative ideas and great finds.  Merry Christmas!  

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