Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paint Chip to Textures Friendship Pinching Tray

I call this my Paint Chips to Textures Pinching set to build on friendships, colors and textures. I attached paint chips around the edge of a coffee can plastic extra large lid. I added a round from a left over piece of material. Then I added texture clothes pins I found out of textures around the daycare. I left some of the pics large so you can see the textures. Some are sensory some are visual. I used yarn that I glued on to create a unique texture, wrapping paper, felt material, a texture white wash cloth, denim from jeans and soft felt and velour materials that matched the paint chips I got for free. What do you think? One of my favorite things I have made for our little people to use during our Montessori Manipulatives Tray choice shelves. Leave us a comment or follow us for more creative montessori manipulatives that are handmade and often recycled.


The Education Of Ours said...

Beautiful!! So inviting, the box adds a lot to it.

Becca said...

This is so amazing!!! Thank you for posting. I love the colors, matching, texture, creativity, and storage box idea for the clothes pins. I'm definitely going to use this idea to make something similar for my little man. :) Thanks again!

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