Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PEEKABOO NATURE WINDOW (recycled paper towel rolls)


This is our new textured look out window at our daycare. It took TONS of paper towel rolls to make this. But, well worth the effort. The children each get turns and I lift them up and they look out the window and get that one on one time in which their so excited when its their turn. Encouraging taking turns and sharing their teacher and new window.  This definetly gives a second and unique look at our trees in nature and our pony Zoey. I stapled and glued each paper towel roll together on all sides. It is super sturdy and fits in the window wonderfully.

Take a look at the other views through this unique item. Am I the only teacher that would take time to make this? I wonder sometimes but it is a special place we share now that I am done.

If you like my ideas leave me a comment or follow me for more great manipulative ideas.


Förskoleburken said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration, I am definately going to try something similar!!

Michelle said...

I love this idea!

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