Friday, December 31, 2010

Shaker idea from Walmart (JEWELS IN TEXTURED SHAKER)

Shaker idea from Walmart items

I was walking though Walmart a few weeks ago, down the kitchen and utensils isle and I seen this container. I thought the texture on it was amazing for my toddler and preschoolers for our sensory house and activities.So, I bought one. Then I went back to crafts and found these jewels. The larger jewels we hung in our sensory house but the smaller ones that were to little to string, I added to this textured box. I believe it was a holder for corn holders and I just wanted to box. I tossed the corn  holders in my kitchen drawer.

This has been the best shaker full of diamonds. Each child touches it, holds it, shakes it, hides it, shares it, imagines with it and then it goes back in the sensory basket. Definetly going to get more soon.

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