Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorting Quilt Blocks Montessori Tray Learning Mat

I wanted to share an activity that we love doing at our daycare center. I hand drew this up after not finding creative montessori manipulatives in the stores that satisfied my goals. This is our "SORTING QUILT BLOCKS SET" work for our CREATIVE MONTESSORI TRAYS. The way I designed these materials are to sort the props around the edges into the correct colored sorting quilt patch.

1.) This sparks my children's imaginations by having a catchy label and interesting props.
2.) This activity is open ended there for working in their chosen order of props to mat colors.
3.) Builds self esteem since this is child directed and they control which props they pick up n sort.
4.) We also add a dish or basket to pull from to contain the props, child's choice from shelf containers.

STORAGE: I store my sets in ziplock bags and clip them onto pant hangers that have a strip of cardboard attached. Easy to get out and easy to keep together.

If you would like to leave a comment that you enjoy my CREATIVE MONTESSORI TRAY IDEAS,  it will inspire me to share more. I have TONS OF THEMES I want to share with you for your creative montessori trays. If you use my work, feel free to leave me a message and or a link or email and I will contact you back.
If you want to follow my page to see more creative montessori manipulatives, feel free. These manipulatives are for sharing and are not to be sold, profitted from or put in any collection in any form. Please leave a message if you have any questions. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MY HOMEMADE MANIPULATIVES.  

1 comment:

shumim said...

this is the first time i see your blog and i wanted to let you know that i really like your idea. i haven't seen any other posts yet but just wanted to thank you for sharing this.

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