Friday, December 31, 2010

Valentines Textured and non texture Basket Sorting printable

Valentines Textured and non texture Basket Sorting printable

I designed this activity to teach textured from non textured in a fun themed way.
Print off, laminate, cut apart and place in one pulling basket. Have to other trays, baskets
or sorting containers. One labeled textured or bumpy and smooth or non-textured.
Child sorts until all the cards are  into the correct baskets.

Hint: Adding a picture of the finished task is what I do.

These are being shared for personal needs. These can not be sold or included in any collections in any shape or form for profit. Leave me a comment if you like my ideas or follow me for more creative ideas.

1 comment:

Airamty said...

This is so great, not only as an activity for Valentines theme but also to practice colors, texture...counting! Can I have a copy?

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