Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Lightening Picture~From our Daycare window,

 Along the way, we get the opportunity to view the sky in plenty of shades. This is my "first" lightening picture. I was so happy to get it. Check out a few of my other sky pics. How the sky can change in seconds.

Sunday, November 28, 2010



Welcome to "My Creative MONTESSORI TRAYS." These were all made by myself and don't mind sharing them but please don't take the pictures. Feel free to link to this page or my main blog. I will share new and exciting TRAY WORK here that we use in our daycare center each week. This is what we are working on this week. I will be adding more often so you can "Follow My Creative Side" to watch for my updates. Enjoy!
Stop Light Leaves sorting into the correct colored circles to show color learning.
Sorting from the big basket into these three smaller dishes.
We plan a color graph to sort the items into the correct graphing section.
Our fall leaf scoop is an easy chosen one and they scoop and cook up a great meal.

A leaft shadow match up to learn visual discrimination the sort by detail.
Leaf sort into different colored slotts in our round pan.
Leaf Sorting Manipulative to sort into to build small muscle skills.
Mommy and baby leaf match up tray and it promotes bonding.


Welcome to "My HOMEMADE MONTESSORI MANIPULATIVES." These were all made by myself and don't mind sharing them but please don't take the pictures. Feel free to link to this page or my main blog. I will share new and exciting TRAY WORK here that we use in our daycare center each week. This is what we are working on this week. "
Here is 1 of our bead work trays we are working on this week. They can use tongs or a spoon and string as well. Many choices for them.

Here is 2 of our bead work trays we are working on this week. They can use a spoon to fill up one of the many bead transforms for an imagination transfer.

Here is 3 of our bead work trays we are working on this week. They can use a spoon to transfer and string as well. Many choices for them.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

From Boxes to HUGE PLAYHOUSE tutorial in pics

I kept looking at these boxes and wondering what I should do with them. You can imagine how often I get them working at my Daycare Center. So, with a good supply on hand, I start gathering them and compairing sizes. I open up the ends and tape away. And a small playhouse kept coming to mind. But for it to be sturdy, I taped two of them together.

I just got material from Walmart for .87 a yard and I got 10 yards which was every bit on the bolt. So, I get my hot glue gun out and its no easy task hot gluing  material to all these boxes. But how exciting as it is taking place and emerging into this imagination playhouse for the children.

 This actually took many hours to do but the children will like it a lot. I decided to make a round entrance into the playhouse. To secure it I used a lot of tape to make it sturdy, wrapping it around and around the playhouse.

 Got it all done! I decided it needs some peep holes so I felted two cans and placed the cans upto where I wanted the holes to be and traced the circle on the materialed boxes. Scissors were hard, I recommend a small knife to cut the holes out. Hot glue the material back. Hot glue around the hole where the can will be placed for the peek hole. Put the can in. AWESOME!  I made 2 peep holes.
 And here is the finised cardboard boxes to HUGE PLAYHOUSE. It stands over 4 feet tall. I can't wait to see the children's faces when they come in Monday morning. And I also got more material to change the sides out as the seasons and holidays change. What do you think? What a fun imagination place.............

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our SENSORY ACTIVITIES and Sensory Processing Disorder SPD Links

This page is dedicated to Sensory Processing Disorder. If you want to learn about this disorder you can start here Sensory Processing Disorder .

If you want to learn about A High Sensory Threshold then visit here.

If you want to learn about Toddler Tempermant.

Sensory Processing Disorder is a topic that interests me a great deal and working with children in my Daycare Center for 20 years, I've seen many that I was not able to diagnose like a doctor would. But if I could make Sensory Activities and put them to good use and work on helping a child, than I have done that for the past 20 years.

Add caption

These pictures are copyrighted by MY CREATIVE SIDE and not to be taken or used without permission. All these pictures were taken by myself and posted with the understanding that I base my activities around the interest of each child and their needs.
I have always thought that children learn best by doing and through their senses, therefore, for 20 years I have planned and created sensorial activities that each child enjoys. It may be different ways that each child enjoys activities but they each have their own and a certain way to proceed with their thoughts in their learning process. I like open ended activities that have no right or wrong way, leaving them to control their end result. This seems to build their self esteem and attention spans through my experience with them.
This page will be dedicated to SENSORY LEARNING SPACES AND ACTIVITIES.
For some great links visit one here:
                                         Our Sensory PlayHouse #1 I built this year with Photos
                                         Our Sensory House #2 I built this year
                                         Under The Table Dreaming Sensory Room
                                         Where to get ideas for your sensory room                                      
                                         Why is sensory play important?
                                         Why play based learning is important
                                         Whats in a workbox
                                         Make your own active learning play space
                                         Make your own mini play area

Perhaps you would like to visit one of our Sensory Activity Pages? Take a look for some neat diy projects.

                                       OUR HOMEMADE ORIGINAL PROJECTS:

Magnetic Kitten PlayHouse  I did this with fleece and a magnetic board I wasn't using. No sewing.
Tablecloth Pumpkin Pillows  I stuffed them with catalog pages to make crinkling noises.
My Sensory Table I made from an antique desk and plastic bin.
DIY Fleece Storage Boxes I recycled cardboard and fleece that was left over.
SpiderMan PlayHouse I recycled an old antique table and sand table tray leftover.
Step Up Play PlatForm I recycled a free pallet and textured it with paint.
Our Homemade Fossils Made these from SaltDough and baked them.
Homemade barbecue grills Recycled boxes, lids and more.
Our Original BUTTON BOARDS Recycled buttons, wood and material.
Our Original Interactive WALL of OWLS Recycled boxes, material, buttons and more.
Our Textured Sensory Balls and Orbs Red one made from egg cartons.
Our Montessori Handmade Texture Matches Made from soft materials and hand sewn edging.
Photo Album Vocabulary Books with Pictures Photo albums with pics to build words.
No Sew Sensory Owls Recycled fabrics and buttons.
2.00 table to a Sensory Planting Center Found this table and made it into planting center.
Animals and Bug Craft Stick Puppets Wonderful puppets to put in puppet theatre.
Our Original Sensory Sticks Recycled beans, buttons, scrap paterials, etc.
Our Nature Center Made craft stick bridges, places to play, imagination stimulation place.
Our Sensory Walk Way Used an old board and old blocks.
Nature Observation Jars We added twigs, buttons, bugs, jewels, beans, etc.
5 No Sew Felt Hats Recycled cardboard and felt material.
Our Original Textured Sensory Art Display made from salt playdough and recycled wood.
Textured Sensory Balls Part 1 Recycling materials and things.
Our first SENSORY HOUSE I BUILT ORIGINAL From scrap wood and reused nails.
Our second SENSORY HOUSE I BUILT ORIGINAL From scrap wood and reused nails.
Our Original Hidden Treasures Rounds Made from saltdough and leftover treasures.
Homemade CHERRY TREE BLOCKS Cut from our trees.
OUR ORIGINAL TEXTURE BLOCKS Made from scrap material and recycled boxes.
Our Original Fossil Dream Catcher Art Made from saltdough fossils.
Our Original Sequence Fossil Stones Made of saltdough and little ring.
Toilet Paper Sensory Owls Recycled toilet Paper Rolls.
Mini Kitten Container Play Recycled cans, boxes, lids.
Soft Feely Fabric Sticks Craft sticks and soft materials.
Shaking Bubbles Bottles Recycled plastic bottles.
Cat and Owl Mini Play Recyled toilet paper rolls, boxes, cans, boxes, lids.
Recyled Magazines Family Poster Recycled Magazine pages.
Our Original Flip A Friend Blocks Recycled boxes, material, etc.
Our Original Sensory Owls and Containers Recycled snuggles n tide bottles.
Our Original Pull A Drawer Treats Recycled small dressers.
Our Original Rudolph Jingle Bell Sensory Pillow Recycled material n stuffing.
Our Original Teddy Bear and Owls Play Containers Recycled boxes and cans.
Our Original Crinkle Sensory Chicken recycled stuffing and material.
Our Original SENSORY PIGLETS (sewing) Recycled stuffing, material, buttons, lids, etc.

  • more coming soon.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Sensory Piglets from Scraps Recycled

I had a bunch of scraps left over that I wanted to use towards a sensory project and this is what I came up with. I didn't have a pattern so I free hand cut out a pattern from felt. So here is my recycled fabric scraps PIGLET FAMILY which was made for our NEW RECYCLED CANS SENSORY BLOCKS. A place that sparks every childs imagination, where they can feel the different textures, unusual details and each piglet is not the same but different. I hand stitch all my piglets while nap time is welcomed at our daycare center.

What would inspired me to make sensory piglets? The same person that inspired me to make a sensory chicken. It was IKAT BAG PIGLETS. From the moment I wandered to this great blog, I knew what I was doing with these scraps and recycled pieces. Making every piglet different. I used the same pattern I drew up by hand on each little piglet. The first piglet got cardboard feet in which a child can feel inside the feet and see how soft and warm they are. The second piglet got baby food jarlids which they can feel to see how cool they are and to learn the shape circle. They are also textured inside with ridges. The third piglet got the pop bottle legs which are hard but forming circles they can feel around. They fourth piglet has small felt lined cardboard feet in which a child can search for and feel how soft each one is. All made different to notice details. And the 5th piglet has button feet which the children can feel, move and notice that they are all different. Each child is sure to have their favorite piglet when I introduce them today.

Leave us a comment so we know you were here and to encourage us to keep showing OUR CREATIVE SIDE. See our blog and become a follower for a lot of our creative ideas to come.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Hand Stitched Crinkle Chicken

 Here is my hand stitched Crinkly Chicken that was inspired by IKAT BAG chickens and chicks. I do have a sewing machine but prefer to hand stitch since I work on it during nap times. So, I used what I had on hand, and this is what I came up with without a pattern. Its unique and the kids love our chicken. Its made of fleece and I just cut out a shape from paper and added details as I went along. There isnt another one like it probably but we love it. I made it all from fleece which I like to work with. Then, I added sunship bags that crinkle really loud and put two inside of our chicken and the children love to hear the crinkle noise.

Leave us a comment so we will keep sharing OUR CREATIVE SIDE. Enjoy!

Teddy Bear and owl Play Places 2~Recycled cans and boxes

 Here is my second set of recycled boxes, cans and jar lids imaginative animal play. They turned out so adorable. See my blog for  set number 1 here to see how to hot glue the fleece on. We added them to our Montessori shelves yesterday, for imagination stimulation, Leave us a comment to keep sharing OUR CREATIVE SIDE IDEAS. Enjoy!

Jingle Bell Rudolph Sensory Pillow

 I had these little deers rolled up in a pillow activity, so I cut them out stuffed them and added some jingle bells inside and added them to our sensory animal area. The children can shake them and they do, they listen to the noises it makes just in time for THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS TIME. Bringing on that added sense of the holidays.  Not only can they shake and hear them but they can feel them as well. An added feely spot here and there.

 Leave us a comment so we keep sharing OUR CREATIVE SIDE.

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