Friday, January 7, 2011

8 SEE through SENSORY CONTAINERS (Project 5 from Recycled Jeans) TODDLERS

                        8 SEE through SENSORY CONTAINERS (Project 5 from Recycled Jeans)

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have SO MANY PROJECTS that I have made for the children this week. Im so excited to share them with all of you. Here is the first one that I made from small cans and pop and hawaiin punch plastic. A great way to recycle what we have used. I will tell you what is in each can.

Can 1~ cut up material in different colors and some parts of a jeans pocket with metal rounds in it. Also some seams that I cut and placed up that have zigzags on them.
Can 2~white beans.
Can 3~Curved pasta noodles.
Can 4~Pop tabs, a red jem stone and a piece of plastic that is unique looking.
Can 5~Curvy and straight straws. (I pulled the straws out showing the zig zag to explore.
Can 6~Bird feed.
Can 7~Toothpics and a green bead.
Can 8~Sticky rounds attached to the bottom and buttons.

Each can shaken, turns out different results. They can wonder, shake, come up with their own reasoning,
open ended for their control, build small muscle skills and create those scientists to "wonder why" in their questions and answers as they learn.

We used these during music time to and each can makes their own unique sound. I wrapped the sides in denim leaving the top to see through and the bottom to feel curves and sounds when they bounce off of the can.

If you like my ideas let me know in a comment. If you want to follow me for more teaching ideas you can.
Do you like these activities? We sure do.

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ChinaD said...

This is an awesome idea! What did you use on top of the can?

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