Saturday, January 8, 2011

BOX PULL WORK (original idea from me) build small motor skills fun way

BOX PULL WORK (original idea from me) build small motor skills fun way:

I made this activity from a small box, cut holes in each end, hot glued the round metal pieces on, pulled the denim seams through, stuffed the box with old magazine pages, glued it shut, painted it, added the rounds and glue sticks cut down to each end so when the children pull on them, they don't come through and then can pull it back through again, rotating each side. One jeans seam I cut real fine and comes through pretty easy but the other seam I left some more jean fabric on and requres them to pull a little bit harder. The children seem to like the texture and feel of the glue sticks so I cut them down to one containment end. But, anything you wish can be used. Just one unique and fun learning challenge. It is chosen quite a bit to.

If you like my ideas let me know in a comment. Follow me for more creative ideas. Do you like this one?

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