Saturday, January 29, 2011

ExPloRe and PlaCeMeNt TraY foR ToDDLerS

ExPloRe and PlaCeMeNt TraY foR ToDDLerS:

I made an extra large one of my explore and placement trays for my toddlers and it was used a lot but I needed to scale it down. This set is made from a box and toilet paper rolls. Yes, I individually cut each hole out by hand and slid the roll inside and hot glued them together by adding hot glue around each roll. Then, I painted it blue since that is our color for this week. The explore tubes are medicine bottles recycled. I added little suprises in each tube like mini screw drivers, beans, space man, snakes, worms, things that make them go "wow" and investigate before putting each bottle inside a tube of "their choice." This helps with learning how to place an object, building attention spans, hands on sensory skills, building small muscle skills to mention just a few. This is "MY ORIGINAL IDEA" and it has helped many of the children, often chose from our shelf. They control where it goes and the ending is always different. Some of the bottles or tubes have stickers on them and it has helped them memorize what is in each bottle. They quickly pick the one with their favorite sticker on it to see first. Not all have stickers. Usually the stickers bottles or tubes are chosen first.

A great recycling activity. All items are recycled and bring new life to used items.

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Darcey said...

This is a neat idea. I've never seen an exploration tray set up like this. You have a great blog here. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my snowballs activity post.

Andrea said...

Wow great ideas here! I just found your blog and wanted to say hi:)

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