Saturday, January 22, 2011

Introduced ROPE LIGHTS in my daycare center and SPD

SPD or Sensory Processing disorder is VERY interesting to me. I have just introduced Rope Lights to the children. These were recommended upon many readings and research on SPD through the internet. A lot of the activities I provide in my activities are based around TACTILE INPUT. These lights proved to be a good addition that really attacted the children. I put this small quiet area together to see if it would interest the children and of course, it did. It is a great idea to expand on their visual stimulation. Im also building on "Auditory Soothing Sound Activities." The set I purchased for the rope lights is red from Lowes. Walmart carries another color. I believe I paid around 9.00 for this rope of lights. Well worth the cost. Learning about more sensory inputs has definetly proven to be so fun and exciting for the children as well as myself.

I found this page that stated that parents had painted their child's room bright primary colors and how they quickly found out that the colors were to over-stimulating. They soon painted the room light blue with clouds and added "Rope Lights" and...... that These lights are a fantastic, practical, long-lasting, relaxing, affordable addition! They are certainly one of the safest soothing light options out there. No dangers of hot bulbs, like you find with a black light. Her rope lights became a great way to spread even, calming light through out her room. They were even easy to put up; stretching them around the top of the four walls and "attaching" them by draping them over self-stick plastic hooks... voila! in a sensory room; for basic lighting, or for children to explore with their hands and eyes (for exploration use as many colors as possible!) 
To see the whole article visit this link

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