Friday, January 7, 2011

MONTESSORI: To START A SCHOOL by Margaret Skutch and Wilfrid G. Hamlin

I wanted to share a good book that I am reading and have read over and over again. It is called "To Start a School" by Margaret Skutch and Wilfrid G.  Hamlin, copyrighted 1971. Its 147 pages and it is pocket book size. On the front cover is a teacher hugging a child.

Margaret Skutch starts a school of her own, it is an independent school called The Early Learning Center of Stamford, Connecticut which is devoted not only to learning but the awareness of how beautiful it is to learn.

Her book is based on the turn of the century genius and social reformer Maria Montessori. She believes at her school she knows children as individuals wonderfully different from each other.

This book is wonderful if you ever get a copy of it, well worth the reading.

I found Mrs. Skutch via her son many years back and talked to her briefly on the telephone. At the time she had company. I never re-connected with her but she will always be an inspiration to me accepting children as they are, themselves.

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