Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our "NEW" Quiet Reading Area (second use for dresser)

Our "NEW" Quiet Reading Area (second use for dresser): We just added a blanket and book.

I had this dresser in the garage for the past 20+ years. From being damp in there I knew I couldn't take it back in the house as it was. It was purchased for a "re-do" project. So, I pushed the dresser out to the end of the garage where I could see it everyday. I knew I wanted to do something with it but it never came to me for a long time and then this summer I walked to the garage, rolled it to the front of the daycare. I stood there and looked at it. I didn't want a dresser, I wanted something for the children to climb into, to have a quiet area to read in. So, I got a hammer and took all the insides of the dresser out and it left the shell. Putting all the access pieces of wood in the burn pile, I seen a few wasp nests that I removed with a screw driver and then, there it was, my new project.

As I took my new found treasure to the sidewalk, it was all scratched up from rolling it a long distance from the garage to the daycare, but to me, it was my found treasure. I started sanding it. Once done, I started painting it bright orange (left over paint from my sensory house). Yah, I know but the Lowes Lady had three choices, candy apple red, bright green or Halloween orange and she picked orange and mixed it up for me. It took two coats and drying. The paint I purchased from Lowes I think was Beir, no smell. One sharp paint. I will buy it everytime I need some. The lady even gave me a coupon at I think 20% off my purchase.

Then it was time to move it inside the daycare. I was so proud of my project! For now, it will stay like it is. The children use it for a climb up quiet reading center. It has become a popular choice at our daycare. Never say you can't do something, I am very satisfied with this "dressers new life." If you like my idea just leave ma a comment and let me know you were here.

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