Saturday, January 8, 2011

Picture Frames Manipulative String Art

Picture Frames Manipulative String Art:

I got a bunch of picture frames on clearance for 1.00. I took the glass out and the cardboard out. I wanted to have the children do a sensory experience this week with open ended results. So, I cut slits all around the cardboard and gave them a crochet yard and they each made one of these unique picture frames to put up on the wall. I will send them home after we admire them for a few weeks.

If you like my ideas let me know. If you want more, just foll me. Do you like this idea?

1 comment:

mommyof5 said...

Love this idea and that kids can change the art whenever they want to make a different picture! I just started back in the blogging world and have yours on my blog list! Thanks so much for your idea.

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