Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sensory Containment Rounds for Hands Exploration: shake shake shake Jeans Project 9


                                                         Project 9 with Recycled Jeans

I made this spindle box to hold these sensory rounds, when the child is done exploring a round, then they are placed in the spindle until all rounds are explored. I recycled juice, milk and pop lids to make these adding the lid on the bottom, the side of a pop bottle cut to a circle on top, hot glued the edges, added denim around the edges and fun things inside like:

froot loops, sunflowers, oatmeal, denim, cranberry seeds, salt, sugar, fish, buttons, wooden sticks cut down,
and more. The ideas can be endless. These I am sharing on our trays today. See the next post to make this cute fabric storage tray. This activity fits right into my storage system. I will label and add to our trays today.

Do you like this idea? Very hands on and sensory huh? Leave me a message or follow me for more ideas.

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