Saturday, January 8, 2011

Share: 25 cent Music Shakers (great find) for MUSIC CLASS

Share: 25 cent Music Shakers (great find) for MUSIC CLASS

I was walking through Dollar General looking for Christmas Clearance items to use in my Montessori Inspired Activities and I think "out of the box" and wander to the PET ISLE, where I usually find the best objects for my sensory house and activities. I looked up and there they were, for a dollar, these adorable cat balls and shakers. I got 2 round ones with bells in them and 2 pink and green ones with big bells in them that are unique in sound. I got 4 pieces for 1.00 and bought both sets I found. We used them as seperates and then I hot glued them together to make a unique "shaker stick" in which the children loved sharing and shaking. (lol) They store easy as seperates and as sticks. What a find. I always look in the pet and bird supplies to find things for my sensory houses. Theres no limit on being creative......................

If you like my ideas let me know. Follow me for more creative ideas. Do you like this idea?

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