Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sticks=Jelly Sort~Straws=Spagetti Sorting Manipulative

                                          Sticks=Jelly Sort~Straws=Spagetti Sort Manipulative:

I had these containers left from using all the contents, so I washed them up, set them on the counter and this manipulative came from looking at them for about 24 hours. The Jelly lid fits the craft stick inside it sliding in through the hole and perfectly contains and holds several craft sticks. The other jar (both plastic) accepts straws on one side and opens  to a half lid on other side so the staws drop right in and hold a lot in that container as well. I know this is an extremely thrifty activity but is extremely smart and usdeful on sorting. I  contained all of the items by taking a box, measuring and drawing the shapes of them onto the cardboard, carefully cutting them out with a knife and making a box and inserting it inside the middle area. All items stay inside but the sticks and staws. Jars were hot glued around edges and felt was added to make it attractive and added texture to little hands. Just the right size for small hands to carry and manipulate. If you like my ideas let me know or follow me for more great ideas to use with toddlers and preschoolers in their learning process.

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