Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toddler SENSORY COINS DROP MANIPULATIVE (jeans recycle #10)

Toddler SENSORY COINS DROP MANIPULATIVE (jeans recycle #10):

I had cardboard circles cut out left over so I covered them with soft and prickly material swatches that I had left over and made these SENSORY COIN ROUNDS. Then I took a Folgers plastic can and removable lid and covered it with jeans on top and bottom so no finger cuts. I added jeans seams around the edges for sensory touch. And it turned into the perfect manipulative for my TODDLERS. We have already introduced this manipulative this week and is already a favorite. Sometimes I have to SUPERSIZE my props and manipulatives for smaller hands for easier handling to make the activity successful for them and smoother for their learning process.

Do you like this idea? Let me know in a comment or follow me for more ideas.


Anonymous said...

Really neat idea,and I love that children struggling with grasping can easily pick up the larger coins.Thanks for posting. Awesome ideas on your site!

Bonne Maman said...

Love this idea.. have been planning on doing a coin drop activity for a while and was thinking of using large coloured buttons or casino chips.. but your idea of adding texture is genius!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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