Saturday, January 15, 2011


As I was wondering through the Dollar General Store, browsing through their clearance items from Christmas, I looked and looked to try to find things I could make to teach my TODDLERS and PRESCHOOLERS on their learning trays. Didn't find much and then I looked up and there they were, looking down at me, these bright wooden packs of RED AND GREEN WOODEN NAPKING RINGS. They started to tell me that they were up there and caught my eyes, I couldn't get them down fast enough. I seen four packs and grabbed them, put them in my cart and "feeling so lucky." Solid wood too!

So, I brought them home and unpacked them into a nice "sorting basket." I had 32 of these large wooden beads because I found the other four at the sister store in our town and got them as well. I kept looking at them this whole week and then I thought "paper towel holder." I wonder if they would fit on the end. And then this activity was born.

THE PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALL HANDS, this will be on the shelf this week.  If you like my ideas leave me a comment or follow me for more great ideas. I got these for 1/4 the cost of 1.00 for every four pack so for 8.00 compared to 32.00 is a nice find.

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