Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exploration and Texture Sensory Rounds

Exploration and Texture n Sensory Rounds:

I used the regular salt playdough recipe to make these exploration and texture sensory rounds. Before I put some of the salt playdough in the random containers, I added beans, wood shapes, sensory balls to some of the bottoms and some on the tops to add texture to each shape to make them different. Each shape is a different sensory texture for the children to explore. The second picture is when I just made them and the first picture is when they are drying and I added two layers of mod podge to them to prevent beaking and cracking. Great to add a magnifying glass to for sight exploration and great for hands on touching for tactile experiences, homemade.


Pam said...

oh- I like this idea! I love the little "spiny balls" in the one texture round!

An Amazing Child said...

These are a great way to allow children to explore their senses. I always enjoy finding new Montessori-inspired Blogs. I'm looking forward to having more of a look around.

I have added your Blog to our Montessori Madness Share Group on TEN: The Education Network. Please stop by and have a look at some other great Montessori sites and Blogs.

The address is:


Sheryl said...

What a great idea!

Deb Chitwood said...

Great idea! And I like the addition of the magnifying glass for more exploration fun!
Deb @

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