Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finger Transferring to HOOKs

Finger Transferring to Hooks:

                                                  This is my 201 POST! YEAH! With 45 Followers, I plan to add many more ideas to share with all of you. I made this last month but the children wern't ready for it. Im going to re-introduce it this week. I made it by making holes in the can with a nail and hammer, attaching little screws that I had left over in my sorter drawers. Painted it. I made the friends ornaments at Christmas and these are mini ones I made out of material glued to hard cardboard. I attached yarn on the back, then attached another kind of material. Mod podged over both sides. This little wooden box hold the transferring ornaments that build on friendships. I was told that you can't poke holes in the can, but you can. lol I painted over the whole can and hooks to show the activity as a whole object to cut down on confusion.  So, this is on our shelves for this week. I plan to make a few more sets of these built around themes of their interest. What a simple yet educational activity.

Directions: Child takes the can to their table area, places it on a tray, gets a holding tray from the basket of trays they choose from like the wooden box if they choose, sits down andgets comfortable, independently works to remove all ornaments from the can to the holding tray, then finger transfers each ornament back to a hook, filling all of the hooks up. Building their self esteem, they get a sticker from the sticker bowl and places it by their name on the chart next to this activity, where a picture is posted. A great incentive to build independence within each child.

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