Friday, February 25, 2011

My Sensory FEELY BOX

I have a never ending supply of boxes due to a friend working at a store close to me. So, I am always thinking of ways to include boxes into my teachings. This activity can be for any of the children I care for. Its a homemade SENSORY FEELY BOX. I took a box, covered it with leftover table cloth covering that I glued on with regular school glue. Took another box that was slightly bigger and made a box for the top, that slides over the bottom perfectly. I cut to holes out and covering it in the table cloth to. Inside, I added really fuzzy material for a great sensory tactle experience. It took many hours to dry, infact I didn't do anything with it overnight. Then after adding the fuzzy material by putting glue down first, I can add any sensory materials or shapes I want. This week, I added sensory orbs that I made from material and the red orb is from recycled foam egg cartons cut down, glued on and painted. Then I mod podged over it. It has the BEST texture to it.

To make a free ball, roll newspaper into a ball shape. Wrap in any kind of tape. Then apply glue and layers of materials that you want. Let dry. Your done. Such a fun learning activity. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Nabiha said...

this such a nice idea..I just stumbled across your blog and I am enjoying reading all your have such great and original ideas! keep up the good work!

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