Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sound Box Activity

Sound Box Activity:

 I made this textured box to hold our new "sound box" activities. The children can choose this and shake, rattle and roll the different musical instruments that are in the box. Great for auditory hands on exploration.

Directions: Child chooses this activity from the shelf, either carries it to their independent place to sit down at the table. I will assist them in carrying the activity myself until they are able to do it for themselves if they are toddlers. I am there for them. Child takes one piece out at a time shakes it, rattles it or rolls it and then places it on the table in front of them until all activities of interest are explored. All items are returned to the sound box and returned to the Montessori Shelf for others to enjoy!

I hot glue textured material onto the sturdy cardboard boxes after their cut to our needs, depending on what activities are being offered. A great sensory experience for the child to enjoy!

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